Friday, April 30, 2004

Google IPO

Well, what do you know? The prediction that Google would come out with it's IPO disclosures by April 30 turned out to be correct.

Now the question is how will the sale take place? Forbes seems to think the price will be too high"

"The frenzy, however, creates a real possibility that investors will overpay for Google shares, though the company is profitable and might have years of growth to come."

Because of the way the IPO is going to be done (sort of eBay-like, but more Dutch auction like), there is a real chance the offering will be over priced. That means those who bid successfully could be stuck. On the other hand, think about Microsoft:

"If an investor bought $10,000 worth of Microsoft stock when it came public in 1986, that investor would be sitting on more than $3.5 million as of Friday's close."