Sunday, April 25, 2004

What happened to Google's IPO?

A few months ago, you couldn't go anywhere on the Internet without running into speculation about the Google IPO. Google, which is a private company, was to score billions in a public offering --somewhere between $8 and $25 billion, depending on who you wanted to believe.

Google managed to play all this very close to it's non-corporate vest.

So, what's happening now? Some new speculation has it that Google will be making a public announcement this week. It seems that under some obscure securities law, Google might be forced to make some public disclosures about its internal affairs. This could be the case, so goes the speculation, because they have enough capital, and the requisite number of shareholders, to force the disclosures by April 29. Further speculating, if they have to make these disclosures anyway, why not do it as part of a public offering?

It's an interesting theory and you can read more about it at