Thursday, April 22, 2004

Rachel and the Nitty Gritty

Sometimes you have to go to extremes to find really cool and/or funny things. Sometimes they're right under your nose. Rachel of Rachel and the City is a frequent visitor here at Blogger Forum, but we had no idea about the woman inside the woman. Allow me to explain.

Rachel posts that she has decided to take out a personal ad rather than to continue to whine about coming up short in the dating department. Now, is the ad real, or is this a Rachel joke? Judge for yourself and get ready for some side-splitting honesty. A selection from Rachel's list of self-professed shortcomings:

"I AM CHEAP. Yes, I expect a man to be a freaking MAN and offer to pay for shit. Sure, I might not take you up on it, but then again, I might. And guys who wait and watch for me to take out my own wallet before they'll take out theirs when the check comes are cheap f**king bastards. On TOP of that, if I offer to pay for something and you f**king LET me... why don't you just f**king move back in with your parents and just mooch off of them for eternity and leave the rest of us women and our wallets alone."

OK, here's my synopsis: Rachel is HONEST and is tired of GAME PLAYING. So, put things on the table and let's get it on. No guesswork going into a relationship --it's perfect.

Thanks to How Did You Find That, cuz I never would have noticed this.

I'm assuming Rachel won't mind us bumping this up a notch in the public eye. After all, the more audience you have, the more applause you might get.