Monday, April 12, 2004

Notes from Fallujah

Blogging live (or almost live) from Fallujah in Iraq is Rahul Mahajan. His blog, Empire Notes, shows what a blog can be as an alternative to the mainstream media. In essence, one man's opinion from down on the street.

Here's a quote from today:

To repeat what I said earlier in different words: in hindsight, people may well realize this is potentially as transformative a week for the world as was the week of 9/11. It's unravelling a bit slower and we are much more distracted with other issues. But any accommodative solution to the occupation is virtually impossible -- it wasn't just a few weeks ago. U.S. intent on staying and, therefore, it is determined to "pacify" Iraq. It is no longer possible for Iraqi politicians to preserve even the appearance of semi-legitimacy and accommodate the United States.

It's getting dark now and I am out of here.