Thursday, July 21, 2005

BlogPulse updated

BlogPulse has updated its site to include more updated blog data.

BlogPulse now ranks the top blogs, blog posts, news sources, and news stories daily. "With this new edition of BlogPulse, marketers and bloggers can gain a much deeper understanding of how key bloggers are shaping, catalyzing, and influencing broader perceptions about brands, products, services and everyday issues," said Intelliseek CEO Mike Nazzaro in a statement.

This update also enhances searches conducted through the site for blogs. Query results will be sorted with a combination of data and blog rank contributing to that order.

If you visit the BlogPulse site, note the box that shows how many new blogs were created in the prior 24 hour period. When I visited, it was more than 56,000!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Google raises bar?

Several times a year Google goes through some major tinkering with the algorithms it uses to rank Web sites. These major changes are different from the close to monthly changes you will see in positioning of sites. Around a year ago there was a very major change that dropped most sites by at least one notch. That is, from 6 to 5 --or whatever. The most recent change was almost as dramatic.

In the past few PageRank updates it has become quite apparent that Google is continuously raising the bar on PageRank. In their defense, with all of the reciprocal link building, link renting, etc. going on this was a natural reaction to the growing number high PageRank sites that attained those ranks simply by building or buying hundreds and thousands of links. -- Search Engine Journal