Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Changing the look of Blogger comments

If you aren't satisfied with the look of your comments in Blogger, it is very easy to change with a little CSS.

If you look at your template, you will notice that the actual comment that is displayed when someone clicks on the "Comments" link is controlled by this statement: div-class="blogComments".

If you want to change the standard look of your comments, simply add a formatting statement to take advantage of the div tag. If you are using one of the new standard Blogger templates, this will already be in the style section of your template. If you are using your own template, modify it to add a line in the style section of your template. On Blogger Blog, we changed the font size to be a bit smaller and to display in blue. You can make any CSS formatting changes you want. Here is what we added to get the effect we wanted: