Thursday, May 13, 2004

Blogs and blogs

Here's some basic stuff from the National Association of Convenience Stores Web site article on blogging called Blog, Blog Blog:

"A blog, or online diary, can be defined as "an online diary that relates personal facts and stories, political opinions or anything else that the writer wants to convey," according to Laurie Brown, a faculty member of the Multimedia and Web Design Department of The Art Institute of California, San Francisco."

Ok, like I said, some basic stuff. After talking about the Dean blogs and how the head Deaniac was the first presidential candidate to make use of blogging to communicate with voters, the article then got to blogging for businesses. This is what caught our eye:

"In an age where targeted marketing is gaining favor, blogging can allow a company to communicate on a more personal level with consumers. But how does a business begin blogging? A computer and an Internet connection are needed, for starters. There are several Web sites devoted to the art of blogging. One of the biggest, according to Emmons, is Other sites include, and"

Alright! We're a top "other site."