Friday, May 14, 2004

Blogger reviews

Reviews of the "New" Blogger are starting to come in. I've started thinking of Blogger as "New Blogger" in the sense that Coke came out with "New Coke" at one time. It was a complete failure where New Blogger should do well.

One of the best (although short) new reviews I've seen is by Sushubh Mittal. He was a former Blogger who left for WordPress not too long after Google took over. He likes the changes in the New Blogger and tells us who will like Blogger and who should avoid Blogger. In essence, geeks who want to have things their own way and don't mind getting under the hood probably won't like Blogger. Those who don't care what is under the hood and are happy to have Blogger take care of things will probably be fine with Blogger --especially with the improvements.

I do still have one question about Blogger. How come the spell check still does not recognize "blog" or "Blogger" as words? You'd think....