Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Spam salad

It is estimated that 50% of a single day's email across the globe is spam. Since there are about 30 billion emails in a day, that is what anyone would consider one large daily dose of spam. Here at the old Blogger Blog, our email runs at more like 70% spam.

You may have noticed the latest tactic (if a couple of months is new) of avoiding spam filters with nonsense phrases. Here's a sample from one of today's emails: "Confiscate indefinable divisor betsey cubic leopard athabascan lancashire gnp brokerage fuse cox goldman pudding."

What is the point of this? To get around spam filters that look for certain phrases, like "Free, free, free." By generating random words and phrases, spam filters will never be able to catch up or understand what the email is about and whether it should be killed. One day, perhaps, spam filters will have artificial intelligence.

In the meanwhile, you might as well make the best of it the way some have done --by creating poetry from the random junk:

"Life just keeps getting better,
They say you look younger ...
136 cups of pure pleasure - the season's finest."