Sunday, February 01, 2004

Arnold terminates killer

Governor Schwarzenegger denied a clemency request from convicted murderer Kevin Cooper. Seems like this would be a no-brainer for any governor since Cooper was convicted of hacking to death a couple, their daughter, and an eleven-year old friend of the daughter. An 8 year-old son survived the 1983 attack with a slit throat.

Of course the brother is 28 years old now. Isn't it wonderful how justice moves swiftly in America these days?

"Maintaining his innocence during 18 years of appeals, Cooper succeeded in having DNA tests conducted on evidence collected at the scene, but the tests indicated he was the killer."

Oops. DNA works both ways.

"Lanny Davis, a lawyer with the firm representing Cooper, called Schwarzenegger's decision 'regrettable' and called for a delay to allow time for an independent review."

What would really be regrettable is to further delay an execution that should have taken place 15 years ago.