Thursday, February 05, 2004

Pay and recognition for blogging

One way to make blogging a paying proposition is to keep up a good, informative blog with a point and then get picked up as a paid "columnist." What's the difference between a blogger and a columnist? There is no difference.

Simon Willion's Weblog is a good source of information about HTML and CSS: "CSS isn't hard, it just has a learning curve at ninety degrees to that of HTML." He also gets into Python and PHP as well as anything else in the realm of "Web development." In other words, all the technical side of what a blogger should know something about.

Simon was hired today for "a boatload of money" to blog on SitePoint. And what are the odds of the average blogger striking it rich this way? Well, better than the odds of the guy writing the great American novel on his kitchen table getting published.