Saturday, February 21, 2004

Google parasites

A parasite is a Web URL that is deliberately similar to a popular site. One obvious strategy in the parasite vein is to take advantage of common misspellings to grab traffic. Google is a site name that would obviously tempt parasites to come up with similar names to grab some extra traffic.

There are several parasites that do this. Google was smart enough to buy the obvious domains, like Googel. If you type "" you end up at the Google site. But they couldn't buy up every crazy thing someone might type in their address bar. How about Guugle? takes you to a travel site. I wonder how much traffic they get each day from the spelling handicapped?

Woogle and Toogle both take you to the same gambling site. I won't even bother giving you the links.

Have trouble with your g's and q's? It is hard to tell them apart, isn't it? Type and you end up at the Khooj search engine site. I'm not sure what it does. I guess nothing, although they do have "all rights reserved."

The only site that is worthwhile (in a way) is the site. Boogle is actually a search box for Google, but with a nice little graphic and quotable quote that changes each time you visit.