Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Jimmy Carter blogs

Former president Jimmy Carter has started a blog to follow his current trip in Africa.

"Members of the general public can accompany President Carter virtually as President Carter "blogs," or publishes regular journal entries from the field. Reports will be posted as they are received from President Carter, who will share his thoughts and feelings during his journey in West Africa."

One of the purposes of the trip is to bring attention to the problem of Guinea worm disease:

"I remember the first time I saw Guinea worm disease. Rosalynn and I were shocked. We were in Denchira, a small rural village in Ghana. More than 200 Guinea worm victims had gathered to greet us. Almost everyone had Guinea worm, many lying on the ground unable to walk. Children couldn't go to school, and farmers couldn't harvest their crops. The entire community was crippled with this disease."

This is really putting the idea of blogging to good use. Join with the Carters as they travel to Togo, Mali and Ghana while publishing frequent updates to the blog.