Tuesday, December 16, 2003

See Jennicam while you can

One of the oldest blog-type sites on the Internet is JenniCam. After seven years of displaying her day-to-day life on the Internet through her Web-cam, Jennifer Ringley is calling it quits as of December 31.

JenniCam's byline is "...Life, online..." Blogs can be innovative and an argument could be made that JenniCam is at least partially responsible for the popularity of the survivor type shows on television.

The Sacramento Bee has a nice article about Jennifer and the demise of her site:

"The journey to this end has certainly been noteworthy. Founded in 1996 -- when Ringley set up a single Web camera inside her Harrisburg, Pa., dorm room as part of a class project -- the site, which caught every aspect of Ringley's life, from studying, eating and sleeping to walking around in the nude, was an immediate hit and quickly launched the economics student into the pop-culture stratosphere."