Saturday, December 13, 2003

Epinions and Blogger

One of my favorite places to check out things before I make the purchase plunge is Epinions. This helpful site compiles opinions on consumer products and services from the users who have recently purchased the product or service. It's a great place to browse before you buy that riding lawnmower or cell phone (I used Epinions recently before purchasing both).

Blogger is critiqued by 41 users at Epinions. The average ranking is 5, which is as high as it goes. What troubles me, however, is that nobody seems to have bothered to post any reviews on Blogger this entire year. The last opinion on Blogger was posted in November of 2002. I wonder what the implication is here?

Incidentally, if you look further down on the Blogger review page at Epinions, you'll see Blogger Forum listed as a featured resource.