Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Saddam's uniform

I don't mean to seem like all we care about are blogs about Iraq, and I know that it is not really proper blog etiquette to just re-post an entire blog from someone else, but this is just too funny (from Healing Iraq):

On a lighter note. Fuad, an Iraqi citizen has been displaying Saddam Hussein's infamous military suit at Tahrir square in downtown Baghdad. He confessed to Azzaman that he got the suit from one of Saddam's presidential sites in Baghdad after the war. He has been offering it since for rental to interested customers to wear for souvenir pictures. His fees range from 500 Dinars (25 cents) wearing the suit to 1000 Dinars for a walk in it. An American officer offered Fuad 200 Dollars for the suit but he refused stating that he depended on it for his livelihood, he was making 15 thousand Dinars a day from renting the suit to Baghdadis. The funniest thing is that Fuad employed 2 of his relatives as bodyguards for fear on the suit from getting stolen. (From Azzaman)