Thursday, December 11, 2003

Lose weight blog

How about a blog dedicated to weight loss by a blogger who lost 100 pounds in a year? The Skinny Daily Post is "short, daily essays on weight loss and fitness from a really average woman who lost 100 lbs. and works every day to keep it off."

Now here's a blog with real purpose. Weight loss advice and news from a person who's been there. "Forming new habits is the key, I realize to both taking the weight off and keeping it off. With just a few fewer calories each day, a bit more movement, I can do absolutely wondrous things for my health."

Losing weight and becoming more healthy, according to Julie Ridl, involves a pretty serious look at your lifestyle. Once you focus on what needs to changed, it is then a matter of convincing everyone in the family to make the necessary adjustments. "We have never once wondered if all these changes are 'worth' it. We look at one another's healthy, fit bodies, consider the far fewer times we've visited doctors or lost time to illness in the past year. We've noted that we haven't lost friends or bothered loved ones with our new habits. We've put food in its place, for the most part."