Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Reformed chicken murderer blogs

Depending on which side of the chicken your gravy sits, Virgil Butler is either a hero or a crackpot. Virgil's blog, the Cyberactivist, was created as an outlet for the guilt of years of slaughtering chickens for Tyson.

In the chilled dark of a Tyson processing plant, Butler killed 80,000 birds a shift. He snapped their legs into shackles so they hung upside down. He slit their throats. Every two seconds, another chicken came at him down the line, squawking and flapping. It was not possible, then, to think much. From Common Dreams News Center

Tyson claims Virgil's posts are outrageous lies from a disgruntled former worker and that they would sue Virgil to stop his blog, but "the exposure would just give him more publicity." PETA and other groups think Virgil (now a vegetarian) is a hero.

"The more I've done, the more right I feel about it," said Virgil about his blog. "I have found my niche."