Monday, March 22, 2004

Technorati has new look

Technorati has undergone a new look. More than the looks, there seems to be a new "direction" the site is taking. If you aren't familiar with Technorati, it keeps tracks of links, or as their tagline says: "Want to know what's being said, right now, about every Weblog or Web page that has something worth talking about?"

Everything is faster (badly needed). Where the links coming in for the searched site used to say "links" coming in and "blogs" coming in, now there is a single line. For example, Blogger Forum now says " has 194 links from 176 sources."

Does this indicate a desire to not be perceived as primarily a blog utility?

Another new feature (or one I haven't noticed before) is the "Get conversations" icon. This pulls in other links that are discussing the displayed link. All very interesting and, as always, well worth a visit.