Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Blogging: hot or not?

Take a look at the Geek.com article on blogging, and more importantly the comments that follow.

The bottom line of the article:
"I don't get blogs. Blogs have their place in the world, but let's not make a mountain out of a molehill with them." --Christopher

Some responses:
"Sure most blogs might be just boring online diaries, but the fact that the average non-net savvy joe/jane can do it with minimal effort is worth getting excited about."

"I personally hate that everyone (and their grandma) is blogging crap daily using the exact same template as everyone else. That's what happens when those people use the same service online. Get a new freak'n template, or make your own PHP-based driven blog. Woohoo!"

"I love blogs. A great example was from a blogger (forget site sorry) in Iraq before & after the US invasion. The power to present unedited views and opinions is very important & useful. Watch what has happened in media & is starting to happen on the internet. The media companies either buy out anyone presenting contradictory views or buy a little "influence" with advertising dollars. I think blogging will become more popular as a result."

Hey, Christopher --guess what? Your article with updated comments by viewers is, in essence, a blog.