Thursday, March 11, 2004

International aspect of blogging

I was looking at a Korean newspaper article that was discussing the Iraqi bloggers. The article itself was interesting: about how Koreans are pretty Web-savvy and blogging is quite prevalent. I especially like the author's Korean equivalent of what we call the "cheese sandwich" blog (blogs that bore you with very personal information): the "I had kimchi for breakfast " blog.

However, there's a larger picture here. The very fact that the author (Conor Purcell) is writing an article for the Korea Herald about Asian and Iraqi bloggers just shows how international and border-free blogging has become. As Conor points out, bloggers all share certain characteristics, not the least of which is the Narcissus factor:

All agreed the future of blogging is going to be more personal. As Harrison explains, "Journals and diaries used to be a very private thing that you kept under lock and key. Now, journals and diaries are online in the form of blogs and the writers are begging others to read them. There is a bit of Narcissus in all of us."