Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sun leans towards RSS

Sun Microsystems apparently is beginning to notice things like blogging and content syndication. According to a CNET News interview with Tim Bray (XML guru newly signed on with Sun):

"There are some VIPs (very important persons) in Sun who are very, very hot on the whole area of blogging and syndication," Bray said. "There's a vision of next-generation technology around the intersection of RSS, XML and advanced search technologies."

"There's a corporate feeling that [Java Desktop System] isn't a first-class citizen on blogging and syndication, and it should be,"

Bray sees Java Desktop System (which includes Linux) as a likely candidate for RSS. That's an interesting thought: RSS as part of the Linux core, perhaps? It's also interesting that Atom apparently isn't even in the running at Sun.