Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Will blogging replace Web consultants?

In a very interesting Yahoo Finance article, entitled "What your company's Web consultant doesn't want you to know" the option for business owners to update their Web site from their own desks is explored. The article discusses blogs, but quickly points out that it doesn't need to be called a "blog." All the owner needs to know is that Blogger provides a free service that allows him to update his Website from his desk, or by email, whenever and however he wants. He doesn't need a staff to re-publish to a Website.

"... a powerful, yet relatively misunderstood Web publishing tool is available that business owners can utilize to quickly update their sites without waiting for busy and expensive Web consultants to perform simple tasks like adding new pictures, changing text or adding a new email address. And the best news - it's free! Welcome to the world of 'blogging.' "