Monday, November 10, 2003


Just when people were starting to catch on to the meaning of "Blog", we now have Moblogs. From the Star Tribune:

"Moblogging works like this: You're away from the computer, but you want to update your blog. So you whip out your celly, snap a picture, record some sound or message in some text. Push a button to connect to your blog server and voila! -- instant update."

Not all blogging platforms support moblogging --Blogger does. Kablog takes things a step further by providing support for devices that can handle the J2ME platform. For example:

-PalmOS devices running PalmOS v3.5 or higher with a network connection. For example, the Handspring Treo, Sony Clie, Palm Tungsten or Zire.
-Nokia 3650 (available from T-Mobile, Cingular, ATT, and others), Nokia n-gage, Sony-Ericsson P800, T610, and other Symbian OS devices
-Sprint PCS phones that can download J2ME MIDP games and other applications.
-NexTel Motorola iDen phones that can download J2ME MIDP games and applications.
-RIM Blackberry devices that can run J2ME MIDP applications.