Monday, November 03, 2003

Internet littered with dead blogs

Ajay Powell is cited as an example of the mass of dead and out-of-date blogs littering cyberspace. Ajay ran in the 2001 Honolulu marathon and created her site to track the progress of her training for the event. She updated the next year for her anticipated bike run from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Since then, her site has "remained frozen in time."

Like many others who enthusiastically start blogs, Powell lost interest. The novelty wore off.

Of course one of the major problems with dead sites is that the search engines still like them. For some reason, they end up with a life of their own --the undead, so to speak. The zombies of the Internet live on to clog our searches with outdated material. Ever go to what sounds like an interesting site only to find that it was last update two years ago?

By the way, I tracked down Ajay's blog for you. Notice that it is ranked 5 by Google. Doesn't it make you sick that you fight so hard for a good ranking while a zombie that has not been updated in two years does so well?