Monday, November 03, 2003

Big Blogger covers summit

What if instead of having a journalist send a news item to the editor which is then transformed into newsprint over a period of days, you had several journalists reporting live on an event? That is exactly how the first World Summit on the Information Society will be covered. You can catch it live and as it happens at DailySummit. According to the Media Guardian, you can keep up with an important event and a new way of reporting at the same time.

The journalists - most of them twentysomething and with no previous experience of web-logging - will be responsible for a single news site,, providing instant news and comment from the three-day event in Geneva in December. The summit, which will attempt to do for the global "digital divide" what last year's earth summit in Johannesburg sought for sustainable development, will reconvene for a second phase in Tunisia in 2005.