Sunday, October 05, 2003

Will Microsoft integrate blogging into Windows?

Dan Gilmore had an interesting post in August about Microsoft's entry into the blogging world. That is, the expected official entry. Dan pointed out that Microsoft has started using blogging as an employment description in a few job offerings. For example, a new position for software development engineer contained this in the job description: "You will work with a team that will build services that power scenarios like personal and shared spaces, blogging and roaming storage. What you build will also make Longhorn come alive by enabling it to seamlessly sync and share their data. We are just starting to think about and design these services..."

Longhorn is the next windows generation expected in about 2005. It's interesting that Microsoft is interested in blogging as being a potential key part of the next Windows. Given the speed at which blogging has taken hold, it looks like the blogging world in 2005 may be somewhat different than we see today.