Friday, October 24, 2003

What would Google IPO do to Blogger?

There is plenty of talk around about Google going public sometime early next year. Google doesn't need money, according to Google owners. I guess they just want money.

So, once a company goes public and has shareholders, and once shareholders demand that a company be as profitable as possible, where does that leave Blogger? Blogger is definately not profitable to Google. I don't know what use Blogger is to Google other than the public statement about Blogger "fitting in" with Google's search strategies. I only know that Blogger is not going to ever be a profitable part of the Google company. That's fine if you are privately owned. I predict that if Google goes public, there will be immediate pressure to spin off Blogger.

Maybe bloggers in general should offer to buy Blogger from Google. There's a thought: Blogger owned by bloggers.