Wednesday, October 01, 2003

British journalist takes blogging as assignment

"The technology editor's assignment seemed easy for a veteran tech hack like me: explore the much-hyped world of the weblog, set up my own blog and report back the findings. Seemed easy - but wasn't."

It's interesting to see how someone with computer experience, but completely new to the world of blogging, starts out deciding how to blog. Andy Goldberg first step was to see what blogging was about. Then, he had to take the plunge and create his own blog. "A quick Google search of the word 'blog' was all I needed to get started. I found dozens of browser-based programs that promised to get me posting my pithy commentaries within a couple of minutes." Andy chose Blogger and hosted his new blog on Blog*Spot.

"But I soon discovered that such an undertaking takes a lot of work to do properly - and I already had a job. There certainly was no way I could realistically envisage my blog becoming a money-making concern."

Reality step #1 had set in. To find out more about Andy's experiences, visit the independent. To visit what remains of Andy's weblog, go here.