Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Telling us what we already know

Mainline business publications are starting to get on the blogging bandwagon by acknowledging the importance of blogs. In a Michael Gartenberg interview, EContent made note that:

but Gartenberg believes it will take a move by the big three—AOL (word about the beta testing of a blogging tool leaked out at the beginning of July), Yahoo!, and Microsoft—before blogging enters business in a big way. He says, "The notion of using a weblog for enhanced communications is very, very appealing [to businesses]. It will be interesting to see as companies like AOL, Yahoo!, and Microsoft begin to start offering some of these tools and make those things available." He adds, "I think it's safe to say if there is a way to make money in this space, these folks are going to want to go after it."

Microsoft has already made it pretty clear that the next edition of Windows (Longhorn, not Windows 2003) will have a blogging component built in. It's interesting that many feel business does not jump into something until is supported by the mainstream. Meanwhile, others have been blogging as part of their businesses for years.