Thursday, January 01, 2004

Scanning the political landscape

Here's an interesting idea: create a news aggregator-like service that scans politics oriented sites and serves them up in your own custom window. This is exactly what sixtyseconds does for you. From their site:

sixtyseconds organizes and manages your personalized selections in news and political sites. It programatically scours news, polling organizations, blogs, columnists and political cartoons -- scanning for and posting content updates. When one of your favorite columnists or news sites is updated, it lets you know.

When you set up your service (which is free, by the way), you answer a few brief questions about your political leanings (right, far right, left, moderate --and so on). Based on what you say, it chooses the sites you will probably find most interesting. You can fine-tune the results if you want to add additional sites. You can also limit selections to blogs only, cartoons, and so on. Try it out.