Saturday, January 17, 2004

Google tricks

There are a very large number of things you can get Google to do for you. Even some things you won't find in Google Hacks (a very good book). Did you know you can enter the UPC code from a product and Google will sniff out what information exists for that product?

I tried entering the UPC code number for Adpaptec's DVD Media Center into the Google search box. The UPC code will be found on just about any packaging that goes through retail. So that would include not only computer products, but books, food items, and just about anything that must go past a cash register before you leave the store. So, entering the UPC code 760884141854 (UPC codes are always 12 digits, don't confuse them with other scanner codes) returned this:

which is the UPC database site with the official information on the product.

Google also returned about 45 other hits with reviews, manufacturer information, and purchase sites for the product. Very interesting and sure to keep you busy for at least a half hour as you search around for UPC codes to feed Google.