Friday, January 30, 2004

Blog searching

Blogs do very well with the search engines, as we've pointed out many times. You can create a blog today and be ranked 4 or even 5 in a month with Google without half trying. A corporate business site might be lucky if it gets that ranking in a year. That is precisely why so many corporate sites are including a blog as part of their strategy.

As we've also pointed out before, the reason blogs do well with Google is a combination of links, fresh content, and frequent updates. This was the point that Search Engine Marketing made today with this: "Unlike regular sites, by their very nature blogs are based on updated information which makes them extremely rich in content. Many blogs are updated several times a day with new articles, thoughts and information. After months or even weeks of inception, a blog can be seen as a wealth of topical knowledge, a quality that search engines such as Google cherish. Blogs also contain a wealth of links. Since bloggers constantly look for ways to keep their blogs updated, they are likely to provide links rather than solely create all their content themselves."

The article also pointed out the importance of blog-specific search engines: DayPop, Blog Search Engine, Feedster, BlogStreet, Blogarama, Globe of Blogs, BlogDex,, BlogWise, BlogHop, and BlogUniverse. I would add Bloogz to the list. Some blog search engines search the blogosphere while others keep their own directories of blogs. You should visit each site, see how your own blog fares, and add your site to those engines that allow submissions.