Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Six Apart to buy LiveJournal

I don't know why blogging should be any different than other businesses, but you just don't expect the kind of consolidation in the blog world that we have seen in the last year. It wasn't that long ago that Google bought Blogger from Pyra Labs. The latest move by a big player is the coming purchase of LiveJournal by Six Apart.

LiveJournal is one of the original big blogging platforms and has a reported base of 5.6 million blogs. TypePad, owned by Six Apart, has closer to 1 million.

With Microsoft trying to be a big player in the blogosphere and with Blogger holding most of the cards, it is not suprising that the other players are looking for ways to hang on to bigger shares of blogging customers.

The acquisition gives the San Mateo, Calif.-based Six Apart a major boost in the blog publishing business and a legitimate shot at staying relevant in the face of stiff competition from Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.