Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Getting traffic for your blog

WebProNews has an interesting article on driving traffic to your blog. The title is Three Overlooked Ways to Get Hundreds of Links and Prospects to Your Blog. OK, I admit the title is a bit over-blown. I suspect the title is geared more towards the search engines than the readers. That is probably a lesson in itself.

The first overlooked way is commenting. I don't think this area is really that overlooked, but the author's take on commenting together with some new ways to combat comment spamming are worth a look.

The interesting overlooked way is trackbacks. Most people don't understand this in the first place, which is why a detailed explanation is worth the price of admission. Moreover, the author points out that Blogger does not support trackbacks. Not to fear, there are third party suppliers who can fix this problem for you --as the article points out.

"It's harder to estimate an exact number of visitors that come as a result of trackback links. But if you posted five days out of seven, and was able to get a trackback link to your site three times a week, by the end of the year you'd have almost 150 topical links back to your site, which are more valued by search engines than a typical link trade with an unrelated site. "