Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Google Suggest beta

How cool is this? You start to type in a search term in the Google search window and a list of suggestions appears in a drop-down as you type. Next to each suggested site is the total hits for that site. As you type more, the list becomes more specific to your search words.

This is the new Google Suggest Beta. From their FAQ:

"That's pretty cool. How does it do that? Our algorithms use a wide range of information to predict the queries users are most likely to want to see. For example, Google Suggest uses data about the overall popularity of various searches to help rank the refinements it offers. An example of this type of popularity information can be found in the Google Zeitgeist. Google Suggest does not base its suggestions on your personal search history."

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea:

"Most of us receive our traffic from many dozens of keyword phrases - often time many hundreds or thousands. If this service would become popular you could find your traffic stunted as Google only shows a handful of terms. Many of those terms may not have occured to the searcher - and so they click them." --WebMaster