Friday, June 11, 2004

RSS coming back to Blogger?

Blogger stirred up quite a controversy when it decided to support only Atom for new Blogger users. That left quite a few people upset and unable to syndicate the more popular RSS. Politics, ego and quite a few non-technical reasons were seen across the blogosphere as the real push for Atom versus RSS.

Now, in what might perhaps be a change of heart, Blogger's owner Google seems to be entertaining the idea of supporting both Atom and RSS. This would indeed be the a way to keep Google in a neutral position as the feeds wars continue.

"According to an internal Google e-mail seen by CNET, the company has been considering the change and last month assigned at least one staffer to write a memo summarizing technical details relating to RSS. The request came amid a broader discussion touching on extending RSS support for new Blogger subscribers and Google Groups, which supports Atom but not RSS in a test version of the service."