Monday, April 25, 2005

Blogger reveals juicy Disney tidbits

Blogger Jim Hill has been blogging about Disney for years at Although Disney is his favorite subject, Mickey and his friends probably were not terribly happy with everything Jim had to say about the Disney corporate world on his site. Things got a bit nasty when Jim blogged on the the well-known dispute over management:

Hill butted heads with the multimedia giant once before, at the 2004 shareholders' meeting in Philadelphia. Hill, who had been covering the leadership battle between Disney chief executive Michael Eisner and Roy Disney, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article accompanied by a sketch of him. When he arrived at the meeting, Hill said company officials pulled his credentials. The incident happened in front of the press corps and he was on cable news the next day. Then as now, Hill's blog saw a Space Mountain-size spike in hits. Chicago Sun-Times

Hill ran into problems more recently because of an unofficial Disneyland tour he was arranging through his blog.

Once again, this demonstrates that it pays to find your blogging niche if you want to develop a large following.