Sunday, March 13, 2005

World view of bloggers

Here's one of the fascinating aspects of blogging: seeing "unofficial" opinions of the world from new viewpoints.

For example, the view of Iran from Venezuela.

VCRISIS, with the tagline "Venezuelan News and Analysis, has a recent blog about the visit to Venezuela by Iranian President Khatami. Outside Venezuela, people might wonder why Iran's decision to go forward with it's nuclear capability is officially supported. Sometimes it takes a blogger to get the unofficial view:

"Fresh from insulting people's intelligence in France, Chavez arrived in the same mood to receive Khatami, calling his visit a 'blessing' for Venezuelans. Well, not this Venezuelan blogger who can hardly see how a theocracy ruling a country where it forces women to wear veils and limits all sorts of Human Rights can be a blessing anywhere. But it seems that in the Chavez new world order, enmity toward the US is the high mark of civilization. Indeed, Iran's Khatami, a failure in his promise of moderate liberation at home, eventually caving in to the conservative Mullah, is certainly not going to criticize the repression being installed in Venezuela where the press is getting its tchador as bloggers wonder if their fate will be like the Irani bloggers."