Friday, August 13, 2004

Blog meets Web dating

The nature of blogging is such that is had to be inevitable: dating sites have discovered the appeal of blogging.

It is so absolutely easy for an online dating service to host and integrate blogging that I'm surprised it hasn't been done more often. Blogging is a fun way to interact with a site. Blogs, by their nature, tend to raise the rankings of sites. Take a look at the way has put their site into the blogosphere. Here's a sample from an eTwine blog:

My shirt looks good but it would look better on your floor? What is this, cheesy pick-up lines 101? I think my shirt would look just great still on me walking back to my apt asap!!! So I'm out last week and this guy is talking to me and asks me for my # so I figure why not and give it to him. He calls me and I only have a second so I make plans to meet him for a quick drink. We meet and TOMMY is still really cute but I guess between the loud music and 4 grey goose & tonics lol, I never realized that he's the not the sharpest tack in the box.