Friday, July 09, 2004

Blogger burnout

It happens to all of us. The old feeling that writing that blog has become a chore rather than fun. One or two days go by without blogging and you feel a sense of obligation to get something posted.

I coined a word a couple of years ago for this (I think I was the first, anyway): the "Blahgs".

One long time blogger (Counterspin Central) quit entirely on June 10.

Markos Juniga writes the Daily Kos and says "I never can post something and say I'm done for the day because I'm always thinking about the next post. I'm always feeling like I'm letting people down if I don't have any new stuff up on the site."

"I definitely get burnt out," he said. Sometimes "I'll go through the week and I'll go, 'Wow, that was a really bad week.' ... I haven't found a way to control it, to be honest. Either I'm on or I'm not on. I can fake it and maybe people don't notice it, but I know it when I'm not at my best." ---from Wired News