Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Startup to offer business to business blogging

The concept of Business to Business (B2B) marketing has been a darling of the Internet for the last several years. So far, the world of blogging has not tapped into the concept (with a few exceptions) although it has to come. Enter Weblogs, Inc. which relies on "creating niche Weblogs across niche industries" to tap into the business end of blogging.

With a "talent wants to be free" attitude, Weblogs, Inc. plans to partner with bloggers who have important things to share about niche industries. Obviously, they are not talking about the "I had a cheese sandwich for lunch today" type of blog. They are talking about the type of blogs that people might actually be willing to pay for. Again, niche is the key. I would assume that in the field of IT management, for example, managers would be happy to pay for content on the IT subject contributed by experts in the field. For example, content provided by a few authors of textbooks and/or other managers who have a reputation for leading-edge thinking.

When you look at what it takes to publish a book on a given subject, it is an expensive and time-consuming process. In some fields, whatever you have to say can be obsolete long before you hit the bookshelves. On the other hand, with blogging you can update thinking in moments. How valuable might it be for a business to have experts "on call" giving advice. Isn't that what businesses pay consultants for? Don't consultants keep up with the latest trends in an industry and advise their clients on how to react? Think how valuable a service this could be. Think of the potential. This is a concept that is at the ground level and has to be ready to take off.